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Pronouns are the words used in place of nouns.

Look at the following sentences.

1. Rajan is an intelligent boy. He studies in class 1.


2. Sudha is my best friend. She lives in my neighbourhood.


In the first sentence, ‘he’ is a pronoun as it has been used for the noun ‘Rajan’.

In the second sentence, ‘she’ is a pronoun as it has been used for the noun ‘Sudha’.

• The pronoun ‘I’ is used for the person who is speaking.
• ‘He’ is used for a singular ‘boy/man’.
• ‘She’ is used for a singular ‘girl/woman’.
• ‘They’ is used for a group of people.
• ‘It’ is used for animals, plants and non-living objects.


Fill in the blank with the correct pronoun.

1. Ashoka was a great warrior. ______ won many wars.
a. They
b. She
c. He
d. It

2. Children are very happy because _____ are going on a trip.
a. He
b. They
c. She
d. It

3. Angelina is a pretty girl. _______ studies in class 1.
a. She
b. He
c. They
d. It

4. I like this book. ______ has many pictures.
a. He
b. You
c. I
d. It

5. _______ am going to learn French.
a. They
b. I
c. He
d. She

Identify the pronoun in the following sentences.

6. James is an honest boy. He never tells a lie.
a. An
b. James
c. He
d. Lie

7. She wants to win the competition.
a. She
b. To
c. Win
d. The

8. They want to go for a long walk.
a. Want
b. Go
c. For
d. They

9. Where is your car? Is it in the garage?
a. Is
b. It
c. Where
d. The

10. I don’t want to work anymore.
a. To
b. Work
c. Anymore
d. I


1. C
2. B
3. A
4. D
5. B
6. C
7. A
8. D
9. B
10. D

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