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One word substitution and idioms

One word substitution and idioms

One word substitution:
The use of a single word instead of a group of words to describe something or someone is referred to as one word substitution. For example, the term "omnipotent" refers to a person who has unlimited power. As a result, instead of saying, "God has unlimited power," one can say, "God is omnipotent."

Some important one word substitution are given below:
• A person fond of company- Gregarious
• Something that cannot be avoided- Inevitable
• A remedy for all disease- Panacea
• Safe to drink- Potable
• Violation of what is regarded as sacred- Sacrilege
• A perfect society free from poverty and sufferings- Utopia
• Government by the wealthy- Plutocracy
• A building where weapons and military equipment are stored- Arsenal
• A large burial ground, especially one not in a churchyard- Cemetery
• A large building in which aircraft are kept- Hangar
• A small shelter for a dog- Kennel

Idioms are expressions in which words have a deeper or figurative meaning rather than a logical literal meaning. Such expressions can be used to simplify what is being said or to pique the readers' interest. Such words can be used as part of a sentence or as a group of words on their own.

Some most important idioms and their meanings are given below:
• Dog’s life- a miserable and unpleasant life.
• Put cards on the table- be open and honest.
• Back to the wall- to be in a difficult situation.
• Leaps and bounds- progress very quickly.
• Big mouth- someone who talks too much.
• Hit the roof- experience sudden anger.
• Close call- a narrow escape from a danger.
• In cold blood- in a cruel way.
• Pass the buck- blame another person
• Dab hand- an expert and skilled person
• Jump on the bandwagon- to start doing something because it is fashionable or profitable


Choose the option that can be used to replace the given group of words.

1. Violation of what is regarded as sacred
a. Bohemian
b. Gourmet
c. Anglophile
d. Sacrilege

2. One who is a center of attraction
a. Cynosure
b. Cynic
c. Coquet
d. Sycophant

3. Study of birds
a. Gerontology
b. Ornithology
c. Chronology
d. Theology

4. Study of languages
a. Graphology
b. Entomology
c. Philology
d. Acoustics

5. One who knows everything
a. Omniscient
b. Omnipotent
c. Omnipresent
d. Omnivorous

Choose the correct meaning of the given idiom.

6. Wild goose chase
a. Excellent search
b. Pointless search
c. Slow search
d. Fast search

7. On the ball
a. Quick to understand and react to things
b. Very lazy and careless
c. Inexperienced and naïve
d. To run really fast

8. Fit as a fiddle
a. In old age
b. Deteriorated health
c. In good health
d. Doing a good job

9. Go down in flames
a. To make great progress
b. To achieve something
c. To forget old revenge
d. To fail utterly

10. Pass the buck
a. Blame another person
b. Make money fast
c. Avoid making money
d. Be dependent on someone


1. D
2. A
3. B
4. C
5. A
6. B
7. A
8. C
9. D
10. A

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