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Spoken and verbal expressions

Spoken and verbal expressions

When faced with a question or a remark, it is critical to react with the greatest possible alternative. While the response must be grammatically correct, the intent and meaning should be consistent. One should be able to keep the conversation on track and coherent. One should respond or ask questions according to the situation.
We may face situations like greeting someone, introducing someone to someone, apologising, requesting, etc.
• Please help me, move this luggage. (Request)
• I am sorry for being late. (Apology)



Complete the given conversations with the best reply.

Lucky: Would you please teach me how to play the guitar?
Prateek: ___________________.
a. I’ll think about it.
b. I am not an expert, but I’ll try.
c. I don’t have time for it.
d. I am very busy.

Jade: I am a bit busy now. Can I call you back?
Jessica: __________________
a. Sure. Call me back when you are free.
b. I would prefer not calling you again.
c. I am in a hurry. Don’t call me.
d. You should have picked my call.

Portia: This is my husband, Andy.
Ellen: _________________
a. Do I know you?
b. Hey! How are you, Portia?
c. Hey, Andy!
d. Don’t you know me?

Twitch: Let’s go for a vacation this weekend?
Rebecca: _________________
a. Let’s not.
b. Go with someone else.
c. Why do you need me?
d. I am a bit busy this weekend. Let’s go next weekend.

Red: I like your shoes.
Brian: ____________
a. You can buy them.
b. Thank you.
c. Don’t think about having them.
d. I won’t give them to you.

Anthony: ________________
Damon: I am fine. How are you?
a. Hi Damon! How are you?
b. Hey Damon! I have been waiting for you.
c. Hey Damon! Have you met my brother?
d. I am fine, Damon. How are you?

Jackie: Can you help me with this problem?
Andy: ______________
a. I am not aware of it.
b. I would not like to.
c. Yes, sure. Let me try.
d. Ask someone else for help.

Pawan: Have you shared the presentation with me?
Rupali: _______________
a. I don’t remember about it.
b. Did you check?
c. I’ll someone to complete it.
d. I have just shared it with you.

Logan: Do you know the way to library?
Jean: _______________.
a. I am new here. Please ask someone else.
b. Why would one go to a library?
c. I don’t bother about it.
d. Do you like reading a lot?

Andrew: Why are you late today?
Samantha: ______________
a. I am not late. I am on time.
b. My apologies. I was stuck in traffic.
c. I will come on time tomorrow.
d. It’s not a big deal.


1. B
2. A
3. C
4. D
5. B
6. A
7. C
8. D
9. A
10. B

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