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We have preparation material for class 4. The English material is made in such a way that it caters to the demand of both Olympiad books for class 4 and normal school curriculum books of English for class 4. If you are looking for English Olympiad book PDF, then you can check our English notes to get a better understanding of each and every Olympiad topic of class 4. Each English topic consists of their definitions, along with their sub-topics. There are solved examples of each sub-topic. We also have practice questions for English Olympiad after solved examples of English topics. The English notes for class 4 end with a recap section, so that you can have a quick revision for the English Olympiad topic that you just studied. These free English Olympiad preparation material will help you to get a clear understanding of all the topics of a particular class for English Olympiad.  The providers of English Olympiad books for class 4 may not have updated syllabus and topics. Whereas, we have updated syllabus and topics for English, along with the practice questions of English Olympiad, which you may not find in offline English Olympiad books for class 4.


A conjunction is a word that joins nouns or verbs or sentences. In other words, words that join different ideas together are termed as a conjunction. The following are the…

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A contraction is a word made by shortening and combining two words. Words like can't (can + not), don't (do + not), and I've (I + have) are all contractions.…

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What is a Noun? A noun is a word used to name a person, animal, place or thing. Types of noun Basically, there are two types of nouns and they…

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Apostrophe An apostrophe is a versatile punctuation mark. It may stand for deleted letters, as in a contraction, or it may be a way to show ownership, as in a…

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Reading Comprehension

Direction: Read the passage carefully and answer the questions that follows Planting of more and more trees is the requirement of the day. This is one of the most important…

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Synonyms and Antonyms

Synonyms Words having similar meaning are known as synonyms. For Example: Words Synonyms Liberty Freedom, Independence Marvel Wonder, Surprise, Astonishment Naughty Mischievous, Wayward, Disobedient Obvious Manifest, Clear Peak Top, Apex,…

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Verb tense tells you when the action happens. There are three main verb tenses: Present, Past, and Future. Each main tense is divided into simple, progressive, perfect, and perfect progressive…

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Verbs A verb is a word that represents an action, an occurrence or conveys a state of being. Examples: Ms. Hales takes the class today morning. What does Ms. Hales…

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The biggest advantage of these Free English Olympiad Preparation PDF is that they are up-to-date with the latest topics of different English Olympiad across the world. You can also check Free Sample Papers for Level 1 English Olympiad and Free Sample Papers for Level 2 Olympiad.