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These are words which are used to qualify verbs. In other words, just as adjectives tells about nature of a noun, adverb tells about verbs!

Some Examples

  • He drives carefully.
  • She always arrives late.

Both words above in bold are Adverbs and we can see here how they qualify verbs.Typically it answers HOW a action is taking place, i.e

How he drives = carefully How many times she arrives late = always


  • Some Adverbs can modify sentences, popularly called sentence adverbs.
  • Showing the degree of comparison. Like absolute (single verb), comparative (2 adverbs) & Superlative (more than 2 adverbs)
  • Adverbs can even be used to modify other adverbs.
  • Adjectives can also be modified by adverbs.


Let's Find Out

Identify verbs/Adverbs in the following sentences


Verb Adverb

Driving Breathlessly

Beats Always

Ate Heartily

Running Fast







  • Adverbs are the words that are used to classify verbs.
  • Some adverbs classify other adjectives, adverbs, or even sentences.
  • They also show a degree of comparison, i.e, Absolute, Comparative, Superlative.

Quiz for Adverbs


He is ______ late for work.

a) clearly
b) seldom
c) perhaps
d) sometimes


She is ______ the right person for the job.

a) there
b) very
c) certainly
d) ever


Have you ______ wanted to run away?

a) seldom
b) perhaps
c) ever
d) certainly


You can see lots of flowers ______.

a) very
b) almost
c) clearly
d) there


They are _______ beautiful.

a) there
b) ever
c) certainly
d) very


Choose the word in the sentence which is an adverb:

He is very handsome.

a) handsome
b) very
c) he
d) is


Choose the word in the sentence which is an adverb:

Sue completely understood the directions.

a) Sue
b) completely
c) understood
d) directions


Choose the word in the sentence which is an adverb:

Jim cut the grass yesterday.

a) cut
b) grass
c) yesterday
d) Jim


Choose the word in the sentence which is an adverb:

Wolves howl loudly to establish their territory.

a) establish
b) loudly
c) wolves
d) howl


Choose the word in the sentence which is an adverb:

Of all my friends, I like you the most.

a) friend
b) like
c) you
d) most

Your Score: 0/10

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