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Adjectives are the words that are used to describe nouns and pronouns.
• Look at the cute puppy.
• Once there was a king. The king was very brave.
In the above sentence, ‘cute’ and ‘brave’ are adjectives as they are used to describe the nouns ‘puppy’ and ‘king’ respectively.

Adjectives are used to indicate size, shape, colour, origin, etc.
For example,
• A huge animal (Size)


• A round table (Shape)


• The red flower (Colour)


• French people (Origin)



Types of adjectives
1) Adjective of quality
2) Proper adjective
3) Adjective of number
4) Demonstrative adjective
5) Distributive adjective
6) Interrogative adjective
7) Adjective of quantity
8) Possessive adjective

Degree of adjectives:
1. Positive: It is used to describe the quality of a noun or pronoun. E.g. intelligent, pretty, clever, etc.
2. Comparative: It is used to compare two nouns or pronouns. E.g. more intelligent, prettier, cleverer, etc.
3. Superlative: It is used to show a noun superior out of all. E.g. most intelligent, prettiest, cleverest, etc.


Fill in the blanks with the correct option.

1. I think, Raman is _______ than Sandeep.
a. old
b. faster
c. intelligent
d. nice

2. Gold is the ___________ metal.
a. most precious
b. heavier
c. most heaviest
d. precious

3. She is the ________ among all the girls.
a. tall
b. cleverer
c. prettiest
d. more intelligent

4. Shakespeare was a _______ poet.
a. greater
b. better
c. best
d. great

5. This house is _________ than that one.
a. large
b. bigger
c. small
d. equal

Identify the adjectives in the following sentences.

6. He lived a very isolated existence.
a. Very
b. Existence
c. Lived
d. Isolated

7. His medals made a brave show.
a. Brave
b. Show
c. Medals
d. Made

8. He accused the Government of being unbelievably niggardly.
a. Accused
b. Being
c. Niggardly
d. Unbelievably

9. He was something of a benevolent despot.
a. Despot
b. Something
c. He
d. Benevolent

10. She showed commendable loyalty to the family firm.
a. commendable
b. loyalty
c. firm
d. showed


1. B
2. A
3. C
4. D
5. B
6. D
7. A
8. C
9. D
10. A

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