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Jumbled Words

Jumbled Words

English language comprises of 26 alphabets in total, starting from alphabet A till alphabet Z. Alphabets help us in forming Words that carry a meaning with them. Sometimes, the words are in Jumbled form. Jumbled means that a group of scrambled letters are given to you to unscramble and then bring out a meaningful word from them.

Let’s Identify Some of the Jumbled Words

The following examples show a series of alphabets in jumbles form. Try to spell the correct words using the pictures along with them.


Let’s Us to Identity Sentences from Jumbled Words


  1. I am aware of the exacting demands/ these demands have to be widely inconsistent with the rights of a citizen/ in the highest public office/ But I do not see that/ of security for those.
  1. By the time/ who had ever stayed at Anand Bhawan/ known to everyone/ he had already become an institution/ we appeared on the scene.
  1. The broker said that/ a person/ for the lowest interest rate/ should shop carefully/ who buys a house.
  1. His statement that/ inside the wallet/ cannot lie trusted because/ he found the ring/ everyone knows he is a liar.
  1. When he/ he was nervous and/ heard a hue and cry at midnight/ what to do/ did not know.



  1. I am aware of the exacting demands of security for those in the highest public office but I do not see that these demands have to be widely inconsistent with the rights of a citizen.
  2. By the time we appeared on the scene, he had already become an institution who had ever stayed at Anand Bhawan.
  3. The broker said that a person who buys a house should shop carefully for the lowest interest rate.
  4. His statement that he found the ring inside the wallet cannot lie trusted because everyone knows he is a liar.
  5. When he heard a hue and cry at midnight he was nervous and did not know what to do.


It was really fun watching all the amazing pictures of the words that we daily use and at the same time learning their correct spelling.

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