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Spelling is the arrangement of letters to form words. In English language, there is no specific rule to form correct spellings of words and the process is very complex and irregular. Spellings of different words can be learnt by more practice and reading words related to different categories.

Students in second grade can learn more words by reading short stories, articles and words related different categories like animals and their sounds, clothes, body parts, basic emotions, food, etc.

Let’s learn important words related to different categories.

Animals and their sounds:

• Bees- hum and buzz
• Camels- grunt
• Chicks- cheep
• Cows- moo
• Crows- caw
• Dogs- bark
• Donkeys- bray
• Ducks- quack
• Frogs- croak
• Horses- neigh
• Lambs- bleat
• Monkeys- chatter
• Pigeons- coo
• Sheep- bleat


• Dress
• Garment
• Vest
• Robe
• Shirt
• Apparel

Body parts:

• Arm
• Leg
• Knee
• Elbow
• Ankle
• Calf

Basic emotions:

• Anger
• Happiness
• Sadness
• Calm
• Fear
• Joy
• Upset
• Love


• Drink
• Eat
• Rice
• Cheese
• Meal
• Milk
• Plant
• Energy


Collocation refer to two or more words that are used together.

Some examples of collocations:

• Strong tea
• Heavy drinker
• Have rest
• Do your best
• Make money
• Make a noise
• Take a walk
• Do homework
• Make bed
• Save time
• Do the dishes
• Give advice
• Take a risk



Choose the incorrectly spelt word.

a. Buzz
b. Cheep
c. Brey
d. Quack

a. Pigeon
b. Lamb
c. Apparel
d. Noice

a. Meel
b. Neigh
c. Happiness
d. Strong

a. Cheep
b. Chease
c. Calm
d. Calf

Choose the correctly spelt word.

a. Feer
b. Elbow
c. Chater
d. Roub

a. Vest
b. Garmant
c. Craok
d. Bleet

a. Storng
b. Humm
c. Noice
d. Energy

Fill in the blank with the most suitable option.

8. ____ the dishes.
a. Make
b. Get
c. Do
d. Have

9. _____ a walk.
a. Get
b. Do
c. Go
d. Take

10. ____ your best.
a. Do
b. Make
c. Take
d. Have


1) C
2) D
3) A
4) B
5) B
6) A
7) D
8) C
9) D
10) A

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