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Word Order

Word Order

Word order refers to the way words are arranged in a sentence. Words should be arranged in a way that the sentence makes complete sense.

Look at the following:
• Have/ now/ I/ dinner/ to/ want
1. I want to have dinner now.



Arrange the given words in a meaningful sentence.

1. The/ us/ in/ let/ park/ play
a. Let us play in the park.
b. In the park play us let.
c. Let play us in the park.
d. In the park let us play.

2. Now/ sleep/ to/ am/ going/ I
a. I going am to sleep now.
b. I am sleep going to now.
c. Sleep I am going to now.
d. I am going to sleep now.

3. After/ running/ is/ cat/ mouse/ the/ the
a. The cat running after is the mouse.
b. The cat is running after the mouse.
c. The cat after the mouse is running.
d. The mouse after the cat is running.

4. City/ I this/ do/ in/ anyone/ not/ know
a. I do know anyone not in this city.
b. I do not in this city know anyone.
c. I do not know anyone in this city.
d. I do not know in this city anyone.

5. Week/ he/ last/ Delhi/ in/ was
a. He was in Delhi last week.
b. Delhi he was in last week.
c. He was last week in Delhi.
d. In Delhi was he last week.

6. My/ breakfast/ mother/ making/ me/ is/ for
a. My mother making is breakfast for me.
b. My mother is making breakfast for me.
c. My mother breakfast is for me.
d. My breakfast is making mother for me.

7. Tonight/ will/ cinema/ I/ go/ to
a. Tonight I will cinema to go.
b. I will go to tonight cinema.
c. I will go to cinema tonight.
d. To cinema I will go tonight.

8. Yesterday/ I / market/ met/ her/ in/ the
a. I met in the market her yesterday.
b. Yesterday in the market I met her.
c. In the market her met I yesterday.
d. I met her in the market yesterday.

9. Keep/ bag/ in/ book/ your/ the
a. In your bag keep the book.
b. Keep the book in your bag.
c. The book keep in your bag.
d. Keep in the bag book your.

10. Fruits/ and/ vegetables/ much/ I/ very/ like
a. I like fruits and vegetables very much.
b. Fruits and vegetables are liked by me.
c. I very much like vegetables and fruits.
d. I fruits and vegetables like very much.


1. A
2. D
3. B
4. C
5. A
6. B
7. C
8. D
9. B
10. A

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