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Articles and Preposition

Articles and Preposition


  1.  Please give the dog a cookie.
  2.  I need to work for an hour before we go to dinner.
  3.  Did you like the music they played at the dance?



  1.  He climbed up the ladder to get into the attic.
  2.  Please sign your name on the dotted line after you read the content.
  3.  Go down the stairs and through the door.


  • Articles are words used to modify a noun.
  • Articles consist of A, An, The.
  • A preposition is a word that combines with a noun or pronoun to show location, time or movement.

Quiz for Articles and Preposition


Don’t look __ the desk while giving your exam.

a) on
b) across
c) for
d) none of the above


It is not easy __ beat __ Beatles.


to, the


to, an


to, a


none of the above


His generosity speaks highly __ him.

a) about
b) for
c) with
d) of


He is a part of __ world's greatest team.

a) the
b) a
c) an
d) none of the above


You can do everything here __ smoking.

a) except
b) in spite
c) instead
d) none of the above


Insert an article in the blank: New Delhi is ___ very beautiful place.

a) the
b) a
c) an
d) none of the above


Are you talking __ the girl in the blue?

a) of
b) about
c) for
d) none of the above


What is your opinion __ him?

a) about
b) at
c) of
d) none of the above


I would like to know what is __ your pocket.

a) in
b) under
c) inside
d) none of the above


You cannot go inside the stadium __ you have a ticket.

a) so
b) till
c) until
d) unless

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