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Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms, words related to Social Cause, Travel, Workplace

Synonyms, Antonyms, Homonyms, words related to Social Cause, Travel, Workplace

English is a tricky subject, and we often tend to get some Basic English concepts mixed up. But there’s nothing to fear because here we will we discussing some of these concepts here.

Moreover, some classic examples which go with these concepts will hard be to forget. So sit tight and enjoy the lessons!

The topics which we will be covering are –Synonyms, followed by antonyms, homonyms, some words related to the social cause, travel and finally workplace vocabulary.



 Synonyms: Synonyms are those words which have a similar/same meaning.

For example, the word legislator, its synonyms include words such as –lawmakers, lawgivers, parliamentarian, politician, stateswoman, statesman, minister, etc.

Now as you can see, all of these words have the same meaning, thus being synonyms for the word “legislator."

Antonyms: Antonyms are words which have opposite meanings.

For example- Achieve – Fail

  • Idle – Active
  • Afraid – Confident
  • Ancient – Modern
  • Arrive – Depart
  • Arrogant – Humble
  • Ascend – Descend

Homonyms: Homonym words are those words which are pronounced the in the same manner and are spelled the same too, but have a very different meaning from one another.

For example - Address - manner of speaking to another / Address - description of a property location

  • Arm – body part / Arm – division of a company
  • Bat – an implement used to hit a ball / Bat – a nocturnal flying mammal
  • Bear - an animal / Bear - to tolerate something
  • Book - to reserve a hotel room or a table at a restaurant / Book – pages of writing bound together with a cover
  • Bright – very smart or intelligent/bright – filled with light
  • Cave - to give in or surrender / Cave – a hole or gap in a rock or in earth


Words Related To Travel: Travel activities include a wide range of activities each of which has a set name to it. While most of us know the very basic words such as a camper, wanderlust, caravan, etc.

Some of us are not too familiar with all the other words that come under the umbrella term ‘travel’. However, fear not, because we have prepared a set of words travel-related words for you along with their meanings

  • Bird of passage (NOUN) - someone who keeps moving from one place to another.
  • Caravan (NOUN) - a group of people and vehicles travelling together, especially in a desert.
  • Coach party (NOUN) - a group of tourists, travelling by coach.
  • Commuter (NOUN) - someone who travels regularly to and from work.
  • Flyer (NOUN) - someone who travels by plane.
  • Globetrotter (INFORMAL) - someone who travels a lot and visits a lot of different countries.
  • Itinerant (NOUN) - someone who travels around frequently, especially in order to get work.
  • Passenger manifest (NOUN) - a list of passengers on a ship or plane.
  • Pathfinder (NOUN) - someone who is the first to find a way across an area of land.
  • Roadie (NOUN) - someone whose job is to travel with musicians and move their equipment.
  • Rover (NOUN) - someone who travels around without a definite direction or purpose.
  • Snowbird (NOUN) - someone who moves to a warmer area every winter.
  • Vagabond (NOUN) - someone with no home or job who travels from place to place.
  • Wayfarer (NOUN) - a person who travels by walking.
  • Weekender (NOUN) - someone who stays at a place only at weekends.

Words Related To Social Issue: Below we have mentioned a set of words along with their meanings keeping the current global politics and mishaps in mind. Some of these words are what we constantly hear on the radio or television. Knowing the meaning of these words will help us in not just our vocabulary but can also serve as tools required to spread awareness.

  • Bias – An inclination towards or against a person or group.
  • Racism – Prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism which is directed against someone who belongs to a different race based on the belief that one's own race is superior.
  • Discrimination – An unjust treatment that is meted out to different categories of people, especially based on their race, age, or sex.
  • Prejudice – a preconceived opinion that one forms without any reason or experience.
  • Intolerance – An unwillingness to accept a belief, view, opinion or behaviour which is different from one’s own.
  • Bullying – When someone uses his/her superior strength to intimidate, influence, force or hurt others to make them do something forcefully.
  • Peer pressure – When one gets influenced by his/her own peer group.
  • Non-conformist – An individual who does not conform to any prevailing ideas or practices in their behaviour.
  • Harassment – A wide range of behaviour patterns which are offensive in nature and usually disturbs or upsets one party.
  • Ethnic cleansing – It is a systematically forced cleansing of a particular ethnic or religious group from a certain landscape.
  • Refugee – A refugee is a person who has been forced out of his/her own motherland in order to escape from the perils of war, persecution or a natural disaster.
  • Xenophobia – It is the fear or distrust of anything which is considered to be foreign.
  • Blackleg – A blackleg is a person who keeps on working even when his co-workers are on a strike.
  • Sexism – Sexism is a form of gender discrimination which is based on an individual’s sex or gender.
  • Patriarchy – It is a social system where men hold a higher power and are at the liberty of making decisions for everyone
  • Taboo – It is a social or religious meaning which restricts or prohibits one from doing a certain activity or prohibits one from being associated with a particular place, person or thing.


Words Related to Workplace: Following are a list of words which are used in a workplace very frequently.

  • Resume
  • Employee
  • Professional
  • Courtesy
  • Occupational hazard
  • Modalities
  • Collaboration
  • Ambitious
  • Organizational
  • Enthusiastic
  • Profit margin
  • Labour laws
  • Efficiency
  • Hike
  • Incentives
  • Competence
  • Commitment
  • Consistency
  • Management
  • Human Resources (HR)
  • Monitoring
  • Promotion
  • Conference
  • Entrepreneur

I sincerely hope that this lesson has been of some help to you and don’t forget to enjoy your Path to Mom, Realise every moment.

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