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In terms of writing and reading skills, understanding how words are spelled is critical. Certain words have different pronunciations or contain silent letters or repeating letters. It is necessary to pay close attention to words in order to learn them correctly. The following are some of the most commonly misspelt words:

• Realistic
• Feeble
• Guardian
• Gigantic
• Reign
• Approximate
• Industrious
• Saunter
• Strategy
• Blizzard
• Pasture
• Pedestrian
• Exhibit
• Withdraw
• Excavate
• Perish
• Courteous


Words that are regularly mentioned or paired together are referred to as collocations. It makes language sound more exciting and interesting, in addition to making it sound more natural.

Some commonly used collocations are:
• Round of applause
• Rice pudding
• Bank draft
• Do the dishes


• Crack a joke
• Burst into laughter


• Do a favour
• Withdraw an offer
• Heavy rain
• Maiden voyage
• Chilly wind
• Strong smell
• Well aware
• Strictly prohibited

Words related to different categories:

• Perception
• Emotion
• Conscious
• Experience
• Belief
• Opinion
• Frustration

Travel and food:
• Jaunt
• Journey
• Automobile
• Commute
• Wander
• Destination
• Descend

• Hygiene
• Medicine
• Disease
• Welfare
• Insurance
• Pharmacy
• Vaccination

Appearance and character:
• Complexion
• Illusion
• Blemish
• Deformity
• Beauty
• Personality
• Attribute
• Mysterious


Find the correctly spelt word.

a. Personalty
b. Ensurance
c. Concious
d. Descend

a. Jaunt
b. Feable
c. Sounter
d. Mystireous

a. Pharmasy
b. Experience
c. Voyege
d. Courtious

a. Complesion
b. Exibit
c. Withdraw
d. Realstic

a. Blizard
b. Stretegy
c. Opinoin
d. Perception

Fill in the blanks with the most suitable option.

6. _________ a joke
a. Burst
b. Draw
c. Crack
d. Fracture

7. __________ of applause
a. Square
b. Round
c. Rectangle
d. Circle

8. _______ an offer
a. Draw
b. Sketch
c. Allow
d. Withdraw

9. ________ voyage
a. Maiden
b. Bachelor
c. Empty
d. Hollow

10. _________ prohibited
a. Strictly
b. Stick
c. Straightly
d. Straight forward


1. D
2. A
3. B
4. C
5. D
6. C
7. B
8. D
9. A
10. A

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