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Spoken and written expressions

Spoken and written expressions

It is very essential to respond with the best possible option when one is posed with a question or even a statement. While the response must be grammatically correct, there should also be a continuity of intent and meaning. A person should be able to make the conversation cohesive and coherent. It is also important to be courteous and polite. One should therefore respond with the best possible answer.

Read the following statements:
Person 1: I heard that you have cleared the civil services exam! Congratulations! (Giving compliments)
Person 2: Thank you so much. (Accepting compliments)
Person 1: Do you know any courier service nearby? (Seeking information)
Person 2: There is one near our office.


Complete the following conversations.

Person 1: Annie can clear the exam.
Person 2: _________________ (Disagreement)
a. How do you know that?
b. I am not sure about it.
c. You seem pretty sure about it.
d. How well do you know her?

Jason: Can I have another shirt for trial? This one is very loose.
Sales boy: ________________
a. Yes, you can.
b. Your wish.
c. I’ll have to ask the boss.
d. Sure, let me check a shorter one.

Person 1: There is shortage of medicines in the country.
Person 2: _____________ (Agreement)
a. I am with you on this.
b. The situation is getting better.
c. I think you should follow the news.
d. They have just received a consignment from USA.

Jessica: ________________________ (Seeking information)
Alena: I had to take my mom to the hospital.
a. What happened to your mother?
b. How’s your father now?
c. Where were you yesterday?
d. Why did she didn’t call you.

Peter: _________________________ (Making an offer)
Logan: I am afraid I can’t.
a. Can you help me please?
b. Would you like to join us for dinner?
c. Would you mind if I join you for dinner?
d. Would you allow me to use your guitar?

Person 1: Would you like to watch a movie?
Person 2: ____________________ (Stating preference)
a. I would rather like to go to sleep.
b. Which movie are you planning to watch?
c. Thanks for asking.
d. Sure, but tomorrow.

Tina: _______________________ (Apology)
Elena: I appreciate you apology. You should be more careful though.
a. It wasn’t my fault.
b. I tried my best but there was a lot of traffic.
c. I am sorry for inconvenience.
d. I’ll keep it in mind next time.

Person 1: Can we go out for some time?
Person 2: ______________. (Agreement)
a. Yes, sure. Even I want to have some fresh air.
b. Let’s get back to work.
c. Finish your work first.
d. I would like to stay here.

Person 1: Would you help me carry this box?
Person 2: ____________ (Polite reply)
a. Now that you are begging.
b. Sure, I would.
c. Can you repeat it?
d. Ok.

Person 1: _________________ (Making an offer)
Person 2: I would like to give it a shot.
a. Which one you prefer; river rafting or sky diving?
b. I would like to go on a trip with you.
c. Would you like to try river rafting?
d. Would you help me solve this question?


1. B
2. D
3. A
4. C
5. B
6. A
7. C
8. A
9. B
10. C

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