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Spoken and written expressions

Spoken and written expressions

In our daily lives, we are confronted with a variety of situations. It is critical to respond appropriately in a given situation. We should make an effort to respond politely. There may be occasions when we must make a request or apologise, or accept or refuse something. So, our question or response should be according to the situation.


Complete the given conversations with the most suitable option.

Elena: Would you like to go on long drive with me?
Stefan: _________________ (Polite apology)
a. I have lot of other things to do.
b. Why don’t you ask someone else?
c. It would be my pleasure, but I am very busy today.
d. Let’s go.

Damon: I regret not being able to help you.
Bonny: _________________
a. It doesn’t matter.
b. I appreciate your concern.
c. It is so careless of you.
d. I don’t need your apology.

Julia: Will you accompany me for a trip?
Lisa: ___________________
a. I am happy you asked me, but journeys don’t suit me.
b. Not really.
c. Do you have any clue what you are saying?
d. Let’s have dinner together.

Jacob: Which one you prefer; online shopping or shopping in mall?
George: ____________________
a. Thank you for informing me.
b. You should not be bothered about it.
c. It doesn’t matter.
d. I like online shopping.

Person 1: Do you need some money?
Person 2: _____________
a. No, but thank you for your concern.
b. Why would you care?
c. I didn’t ask for it.
d. Not now.

Sally: My car has broken down. Can I use your car today?
Rhea: ____________________ (Accepting the request)
a. That’s sad, but I need to go somewhere.
b. Sure, here are the keys.
c. I am afraid, I don’t have a car.
d. No thanks.

Raman: Why didn’t you come to my wedding?
Sneha: _______________ (Apology)
a. I came but you were very busy.
b. I will come next time.
c. Sorry, but I had an exam that day.
d. I totally forgot about it.

Andy: I am sorry for the slight delay.
Ellen: ________________ (Accepting the apology)
a. It doesn’t matter now.
b. This is not the way to deal with something.
c. Good for you.
d. It’s alright.

Jack: Let’s play football.
Jacob: ____________ (Stating preference)
a. I would play cricket instead.
b. Yeah, it’s my favourite sport.
c. I don’t really like it.
d. Who else is coming?

Serena: Can I borrow your book?
Venus: ________________ (Refusing)
a. Sure, here you go.
b. Why didn’t you bring your own book?
c. Sorry, I need it.
d. Where is yours?


1. C
2. B
3. A
4. D
5. A
6. B
7. C
8. D
9. A
10. C

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