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Spoken and Written Expression

Spoken and Written Expression

It is very essential to respond with the best possible option when one is posed with a question or even a statement. While the response must be grammatically correct, there should also be a continuity of intent and meaning. A person should be able to make the conversation cohesive and coherent. It is also important to be courteous and polite. One should therefore respond with the best possible answer.

Read the following statements:
Person 1: Would you like to have some juice? (Making an offer)
Person 2: Sure, please.
Mathew: Sorry for the delay. (Apologising)
Tina: It’s alright.


Complete the given conversations.

Elena: Is this Indigo Airlines?
Jimmy: ______________
a. Don’t you know it?
b. How do you know it?
c. Yes, I guess so.
d. Yes, May I help you?

Tony: The trip to France was great.
Bob: _____________ (Showing regret)
a. Was it expensive?
b. I wish, I’d gone with you.
c. Who else went with you?
d. Good that I did not go with you.

Steve: Can you tell me when the flight 8069 will leave?
Receptionist: _______________
a. Sure, let me check.
b. See the display.
c. Depends on the weather.
d. All of the above

Ellen: Let’s meet for dinner.
Twitch: _______________
a. I won’t pay.
b. How did you know I was hungry?
c. Let’s ask someone else.
d. Sure, good idea!

Sara: Could I speak to Annie?
John: __________. Can I take a message?
a. I am afraid she is not at home.
b. Yes, you can.
c. Who gave you my number?
d. I wonder she knows you.

Sheena: Hey! Good to see you after so long!
Jessica: ______________
a. I have been these days.
b. Good to see you too.
c. It is great to go back.
d. Nothing was wrong with me.

Peter: Can I get a bigger size of this shirt?
Sales boy: __________________
a. Yes, you wish!
b. Yes, you can but not here.
c. Sure, let me check.
d. Yes, you cannot.

Tina: Hey! I have got an offer from Google.
Stefan: ______________
a. How did you get that?
b. Stop kidding.
c. Why do I care?
d. Oh! That’s great.

Damon: Hey! I purchased this bike yesterday.
Elena: _________________
a. Oh! Great. It looks really nice.
b. Oh! I don’t think it’s a good bike.
c. Let’s talk about it later.
d. Who told you to buy this one?

Person 1: I am really sorry for the convenience.
Person 2: ______________________ (Accepting the apology)
a. It’s your daily routine.
b. What caused it?
c. It’s alright. Be more careful in future.
d. You always have been careless.


1. D
2. B
3. A
4. D
5. A
6. B
7. C
8. D
9. A
10. C

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