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Spelling is a way of arranging the letters in a meaningful way to make words. In most languages adjectives have slightly different spellings for masculine and feminine. If we got a spelling wrong we were forced to get a dictionary out. Learning how to spell words is very essential as far as writing and reading skills are concerned. Due attention has to be paid to words so that a person can learn them correctly.

Some of the most commonly misspelt words are given below:
• Damage
• Crayon
• Crumb
• Cousin
• Camera
• Dairy
• Gasoline
• Guard
• Fright
• Judge
• Lonely
• Mailbox
• Sidewalk
• Squirrel
• Sneeze
• Worried
• Sleeve

Collocations: Collocations are words that are used or paired together. Using collocations makes the language sound natural and impressive. If we put wrong pair of words together, the language sounds unnatural and odd. For an example, the correct collocation is ‘make your move’ but if use ‘do your move’, it sounds wrong. So, it is very necessary to use correct collocations.

Some important collocations are:
• Have a bath
• Have a drink
• Have a good time
• Do someone a favour
• Do your hair
• Make difference
• Make an effort
• Break a record
• Catch a cold
• Take a seat
• Keep a promise
• Pay a compliment
• Get ready

Words related to different categories:
In every language, there are different categories from which words are derived. Below are given words from different categories that are used in English language.

Household things:
• Doormat
• Tap
• Furniture
• Attic
• Couch
• Refrigerator
• Mansion
• Dwelling
• Cabin

• Attire
• Garments
• Robe
• Cloak

Food and animals:
• Cheese
• Sweetbread
• Glucose
• Veganism
• Consumption
• Breakfast
• Fodder
• Hygiene


Choose the incorrectly spelt word.

a. Attire
b. Dairy
c. Squirrel
d. Furnniture

a. Cloak
b. Doormate
c. Compliment
d. Crayon

a. Fodder
b. Equipment
c. Cousine
d. Hygiene

a. Attick
b. Sneeze
c. Breakfast
d. Worried

a. Mansion
b. Apparrel
c. Robe
d. Refrigerator

Choose the correct option to fill in the blank.

6. Have a ______ time
a. better
b. nice
c. perfect
d. good

7. _______ someone a favour
a. Do
b. Make
c. Have
d. Pay

8. _______ a promise
a. Go
b. Pay
c. Keep
d. have

9. ________ a compliment
a. Have
b. Keep
c. Pay
d. Go

10. _______ crazy.
a. Go
b. Keep
c. Make
d. Have


1. D
2. B
3. C
4. A
5. B
6. D
7. A
8. C
9. C
10. A

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