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Conjunctions are those part of grammar which plays a very important role while constructing any sentence. The main job of the conjunction is to join the clauses, phrases, and words together for taking out the best possible meaning of the sentence. They are even known as ‘joiner’ in the world of English grammar. It is a very important part of a sentence which helps in adding meaning to it.


Looking more into the world of grammar with conjunctions.

Definition of Conjunctions

Conjunctions are those part of the grammar in a sentence which used to express the connections between the words, clauses, and phrases.

It is also used in combining the two sentences in an effective way so that we can get the best meaning from it. It acts a helping hand for those who want to convey their thought in the catchiest way.


Example of Conjunctions

  • Rahul and Gaurav were playing football.
  • She seems like an angel.
  • Nor I neither Sheela was allowed to go there.
  • Yet! Another day of glory.
  • I was happy because she was here.
  • Sheele or Rahul, only one of them is going to market.

Rules for using Conjunctions in a sentence

  1. Conjunctions are associated with the sentence where it is a need for connecting the thoughts, ideas, action, clauses, nouns or any other part of speech.
  2. Conjunction is very useful while we prepare lists.
  3. It is one the most important rule of using a conjunction, it tells that while we are using a conjunction in any sentence we must see whether all the points are getting agreed to it or not.

Different types of Conjunctions

There are three types of conjunctions they are

  1. Subordinating Conjunctions

These are those types of conjunctions which are used in linking the clauses in the sentences. This type of conjunctions is also used in establishing the link between independent clauses and dependent clauses in the sentence.


  • When will you go to market?
  • Once upon a time, there was a beautiful house here.
  • Since morning he didn't come here.
  • I will go unless Meera will come here.
  • How can someone be so pleasant?
  1. Correlative Conjunction

These are those types of conjunction which are used in joining the sentences of a similar pattern. This types of conjunctions are very helpful in illustrating the similarity in the sentence.


  • Either you or I will be going to the market.
  • Both Sheela and Veena will be attending the ceremony.
  • Whether Rahul or raj a good boy.
  • Not only Kirti but also Neetu are brilliant.
  • Neither Sheetal nor Rina is going to college today.
  1. Coordinating Conjunction

These are those types of the conjunction which are used to join the phrases, clauses, and words together. Apart from this use of coordinating conjunction, it is placed between the group of words which links them together.


  • Tea and Coffee are my favorite beverage.
  • Lily, lotus or
  • I don’t really like her but her habits are good.
  • She is a good friend of mine, and I respect her.
  • Raja fell asleep, so I came home earlier.

Examples of some conjunctions which are used by us regularly

And, or, but, neither, nor, so, as, not only, yet, just as, because, whether, for, either etc.


  • Conjunctions are used in establishing the link between the words or group of words.
  • They are even referred to as ‘joiner’ in the world of grammar.
  • It adds meaning to the sentences.
  • Each type of conjunction has its own specialty and should be used as per the requirement in the sentence.

Quiz for Conjunctions


You can choose red ___ black.

a) as
b) both
c) and
d) nor


Hannah worked hard for the test ___ she topped the class.

a) and
b) so
c) either
d) or


The way to success is ___ swift ___ easy.

a) neither, nor
b) either, or
c) whether, or
d) as, as


Olivia's mom gave us bread ___ jam before school.

a) either
b) and
c) but
d) or


Both lions ___ elephants are common in the forest.

a) and
b) or
c) but
d) so


I washed ___ ironed the clothes.

a) neither
b) and
c) yet
d) so


The poem was short ___ informative.

a) yet
b) so
c) but
d) or


Both Mr. Umbell ___ Mr. Abren enjoy aranchinis.

a) and
b) either
c) or
d) but


I start to sneeze ___ someone uses perfume.

a) for
b) whenever
c) and
d) either


I would like tea ___ lemonade, ___ not both.

a) as, and
b) or, but
c) neither, nor
d) either, or

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