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Determiners & Conjunctions

Determiners & Conjunctions


As the word says, con + junction, there are words which act as a junction between the different sentences. They are used so that the sentences may intersect each other.

Hence, its official definition is,

Conjunction is a word used to connect clauses or sentences or coordinate words with the same clause.



As for example

  • I like cooking and

(I like cooking. I like eating.)

  • She is exhausted, yet she wants to dance.

(She is exhausted. She wants to dance.)

Both words in bold above are conjunctions and as we can see, they join 2 different sentences to form a single sentence.

List of Conjunctions

  1. Coordinating Conjunctions- and, for, nor, but, or, etc.

Uses- I would like pizza and salad for lunch.

  1. Correlative Conjunctions- both/and, either/or, neither/nor, etc.

Uses- Neither I like him, nor does my friend.

  1. Subordinating Conjunctions- after, although, as, as if, as long as, etc.

Uses- I can stay out until the clock strikes 12.



It is a pure myth that if a sentence starts with

a conjunction, it's grammatically incorrect. I

want to clear it right now that it is absolutely valid

to use conjunction for starting any sentence.

Let's Identify

  1. Me and my friend is going to party.
  2. Neither I, nor he is in favour of Congress party.
  3. I wish we could be together although I hate you.

Clearly, all the bold words above are conjunctions, as they are acting as a junction between different clauses.


These come before a noun to modify/specify it and to tell us quantity & quality of the noun. Determiners are used to fix the noun. It also tells us that how that noun is being used.




  • Possessive - our, his, her, it's, etc.
  • Demonstrative - this, that, these, those
  • Quantitative - little, much, enough, some, etc.
  • Numerals - one, first, two, second, etc. (Definite)

-All, some, many, etc. (Indefinite)

  • Articles - A/An, The


  • Conjunctions are used to connect clauses in the same sentence.
  • Determiners can be said to be a type of adjective, as they also modify the noun in a sentence.


Quiz for Determiners & Conjunctions


I am not sure ________ he recognizes me.

a) if
b) since
c) so
d) where


My mother is ______ hardworking _______ my father is.

a) not only, but also
b) as, as
c) neither, nor
d) either, or


Please give me leave ______ my wife recovers.

a) though
b) as
c) so
d) until


She will not go to school ______ the exams begin.

a) until
b) because
c) despite
d) and


You should follow what your teacher says _______ become successful.

a) although
b) in order to
c) if
d) but


They reached the station on time _______ the train was late.

a) since
b) even though
c) but
d) so


The doctor arrived ______ we were just leaving for the hospital.

a) and
b) yet
c) lest
d) when


The collector ordered so ______ the school was not closed.

a) although
b) despite
c) still
d) and


Inform your mother ______ go.

a) although
b) and
c) yet
d) but


Maahi ______ her husband have gone to Nice for a vacation.

a) although
b) yet
c) but
d) and

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