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Spoken and verbal expressions

Spoken and verbal expressions

Spoken and verbal expressions play a very important role in communication. To communicate effectively, one must be able to respond in a proper way. The response to a question or a statement should be such that the meaning and intent of the response is conveyed as intended. The response should be polite and not rude.

Look at the following:
• Logan: Congratulations Peter. You did really well in the exam.
• Peter: Thank you so much. (thanking)



Complete the given conversations with the best reply.

Person 1: Many many happy returns of the day.
Person 2: __________
a. How did you know it’s my birthday?
b. You should come to the party.
c. Thank you so much.
d. Don’t mention it.

Person 1: _________________
Person 2: Yes sure.
a. Why were you absent yesterday?
b. Can I use your laptop?
c. I am not coming to class tomorrow.
d. Are you alright?

Person 1: __________________
Person 2: Hello! What’s his name?
a. Hi! This is my brother.
b. Hi! Do you know my brother?
c. Hello! Have you met my brother?
d. Hello! Have you seen my brother?

Person 1: ______________
Person 2: Very good morning. How are you?
a. How are you, Sir?
b. Good morning, Sir.
c. Hello Sir. How are you?
d. Sir, will you take class today?

Person 1: _________________
Person 2: Please, don’t mention.
a. I am glad you came.
b. Would you help me?
c. Thanks for the help.
d. It was very difficult for me.

Person 1: I liked your performance. You were amazing.
Person 2: ______________
a. I know I am good at it.
b. I have worked hard for it.
c. I had been preparing for it for months.
d. Thanks for the compliment.

Person1: I am getting late for office. Can I take your bike?
Person 2: _________________
a. Yes, you can’t.
b. Sure, here are the keys.
c. No, you can.
d. May be some other time.

Person 1: ______________
Person 2: It’s okay. Don’t be late next time.
a. I am sorry. I am late for the meeting.
b. I am sorry. I couldn’t help you.
c. Do you need my help?
d. Why are you late?

Person 1: ______________
Person 2: Sure, go ahead.
a. Would you mind helping me?
b. You can use my pen.
c. May I open the window, please?
d. Can you help me?

Person 1: Would you mind if I ask you something?
Person 2: ________________.
a. Depends on what you ask.
b. Please feel free.
c. Don’t you dare?
d. I am not sure about it.


I. C
V. C
X. B

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