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Adjectives are words that are used describe or modify nouns or pronouns. These are the words that give more information about nouns and pronouns.
• Look at the huge animal!
• It was a magnificent palace.
• She is a pretty girl.
In the above sentences, ‘huge, magnificent, and pretty’ are adjectives that are used for nouns ‘animal, palace, and girl’.

Some important types of adjectives
• Descriptive adjectives: A descriptive adjective names a quality of the noun or pronoun that it modifies. E.g. big house, cute dog, etc.
• Proper adjectives: A proper adjective is derived from a proper noun. E.g. Spanish food, English people, etc.
• Interrogative adjectives: An interrogative adjective is used to ask questions. E.g. whose, which, etc.
• Adjectives of number: An adjective of number is an adjective that tells exactly how many or how much of something there is. E.g. many, few, first, etc.
• Adjectives of quantity: It indicates the amount or estimated amount of the noun or pronoun in the sentence. It does not provide information about exact numbers, it tells only the amount of noun in relative or whole terms. E.g. some, enough, etc.
• Possessive adjectives: These adjectives are used before nouns to show the possession. E.g. my, his, your, our, etc.

Degree of adjectives:

• Positive: It is used to describe the quality of noun.
E.g. this is a good book.

• Comparative: It is used when there is a comparison between two nouns or pronouns.
E.g. this book is better than the one that I have.

• Superlative: When noun is shown as a superior out of a club or group, class etc.
E.g. this is the best book in the market.


Pick the type of adjective from the following sentences.

1. Rajesh broke his camera.
a. Possessive adjective
b. Descriptive adjective
c. Adjective of quantity
d. Proper adjective

2. Which car is yours?
a. Adjective of quality
b. Descriptive adjective
c. Interrogative adjective
d. Adjective of number

3. Some boys didn’t participate in the competition.
a. Possessive adjective
b. Adjective of quality
c. Adjective of number
d. Adjective of quantity

4. I don’t like those friends of yours.
a. Demonstrative adjective
b. Interrogative adjective
c. Descriptive adjective
d. Adjective of quality

5. Ripe mangoes are very tasty.
a. Proper adjective
b. Descriptive adjective
c. Indefinite adjective
d. Adjective of quantity

6. I have made enough copies.
a. Adjective of quality
b. Distributive adjective
c. Adjective of quantity
d. Demonstrative adjective

7. He writes in an almost Shakespearean style?
a. Descriptive adjective
b. Proper adjective
c. Demonstrative adjective
d. Distributive adjective

8. The Empire State Building is a very tall building.
a. Descriptive adjective
b. Demonstrative adjective
c. Proper adjective
d. Adjective of quantity

9. When the old man tripped over that wire, he dropped a whole bag of groceries.
a. Possessive adjective
b. Interrogative adjective
c. Descriptive adjective
d. Demonstrative adjective

10. The plants need more water.
a. Adjective of quantity
b. Adjective of quality
c. Possessive adjective
d. Demonstrative adjective


1. A
2. C
3. D
4. A
5. B
6. C
7. B
8. A
9. D
10. A



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