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Dark web

Dark web

This is the dark, scary part of the Internet we would all sometimes love to see. However, it is intentionally hidden from search engines with masked IP addresses. It is only accessible from a special web browser. This network exists between Tor servers and their clients. If you do not understand those specific terms related to the Internet, that is okay. You will find many illegal and sketchy (weird, scary) things there, so you probably do not want to go anyway. Ex. You are so mysterious. You look like someone who has access to the dark web


  • Weak sauce
  • SJW (Social justice warrior)
  • Mic drop
  • Hangry
  • Beer o'clock
  •  Ear tickler
  • Crema
  • Dark web
  • Acnestis
  • Meldrop
  • Augend & Addend
  • Wrest pin