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Why Develop A Strong Vocabulary?

Why Develop A Strong Vocabulary?

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`A good vocabulary is the greatest weapon of a writer along with proper knowledge of grammar, punctuation and many others. But apart from a professional writer, all aspects of life where documentation of any regular happening is required will essentially need the person to have a good hold on the vocabulary. A good vocabulary is known to add power to our writing and can enhance the whole outlook of a plain and simple looking text otherwise. Cultivating a good vocabulary will help you in choosing the best words for everything you want to convey through your writings. It also prevents the writer from using inappropriate, vague and sometimes out rightly wrong words which can have a negative impact on the readers and might even be a source of embarrassment for the writer in the future.

Building a good vocabulary is one of the easiest ways to enhance your skills in the field of writing. As stated earlier, the cultivation of a good vocabulary helps in the addition of greater power to your simple content. As a reader of your own writings, the use of new words and a good vocabulary will help you in feeling the difference between an ordinary writer and an exceptional writer. When the writer has more words and more synonyms in his or her reservoir of vocabulary then the style of writing and the clarity of thought also improves in a significant manner. Not just a person who is wanting to turn into a professional writer, but for the common worker who has to write about details and content of his field of work, a good vocabulary can prove to be helpful for the manner in which the whole process is conducted by the person. The difference can be felt very effectively and hence, a good vocabulary is very important to excel as a content writer.


There are no formulated steps that can be followed so that you end up enriching your existing vocabulary. Being a part of the language, the learning and figuring out of way in which you can enhance your vocabulary takes time. But there are certain habits that you can form that might eventually be helpful for you to build a strong base in the language and ultimately a strong vocabulary. It has been stated by many writers in the past that a conscious effort to enrich their vocabulary, made the task less painful and tiresome to the extent that they started enjoying the learning process, forgetting about any difficulties in learning.

One must always be keen to use new words. Obviously, if you don’t know the word you will not use it as you might not be aware of its meaning. But what you can do is that whenever you write a word, instantly search for its synonyms from a dictionary or the Internet and try to incorporate it in your writings then and there. This will create a better memory of the new word in your mind and you will use it instantly the next time when you need it.


Reading and writing go hand-in-hand. You will have to be a regular reader to come across new words and vocabulary to inculcate it in your own language. Once a habit of reading is formed, then you will automatically come across newer words daily and thereby, end up making the vocabulary enrichment process far easier for yourself. Experts suggest that learning about the root of a word may help in enriching vocabulary to a great extent. Once you know the root of the word, you can register the word easily in your mind as the meaning or essence of the word is already known to you in one form or the other.

Difficult words are hard to learn and subsequently inculcate in our language. Thus, one must first try out the easier methodology and then move onto the complex and hard words. Learning and inculcating such difficult words will add power to your writing and may even be sufficient to take place of a flurry of smaller words.

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