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Improve English Grammar

Improve English Grammar

English Square
English Square

Grammar for any particular language can be seen as a game to play in. There are people who are quite familiar with the language and its grammar instinctively yet there are some who struggle with its rules and regulations. For English language, people face problems in terms of tenses, clauses, sentences and so forth.

Here, I provide you with certain tips to improve your current grip on English grammar:

Flow chart of grammer


Take a Pledge

  • Learning not only English but any language’s grammar requires the individual to have a lot of drive.
  • So once you decide to take a dive in the deep end, don’t give up until the end.

Have an English Grammar Book Flowcharts at Your Disposal

  • Possession of an English grammar book will permit you to brush up what you have studied in your session.
  • Also, it would act as a reinforcing factor for you to learn grammar as frequently as possible.

Utilise an English Grammar App

In this day and age, probably every individual has an access to a smartphone.

  • Make good use of it by installing a dictionary and an English grammar app for use.
  • It turns out to be quite beneficiary while you are traveling or when you have some time to spare.


Make It a Habit


 Honestly, studying English for a short duration, let’s say, an hour a week won’t get you anywhere. For you to make any real progress, you need to devote a minimum of 10-15 minutes every day. Engage yourself in listening, reading or speaking English as frequently as possible. If you wish to speak English fluently, you need to inculcate it as a crucial share in your daily English conversation as routine.


Acquire Further Out of Listening

Listening is considered to be the key point in learning a language. When we pay attention and listen to the native speakers of a language, we get to learn to major things:

  1.  We get to understand the words being spoken besides the scenario in which they are spoken.
  2.  Along with the new words, we get to know how to use them in our day to day life. So it is advised to the learner to not only understand what the words mean but also how they are spoken. It gives a natural touch to your speech.


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