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Writing A Prompt

Writing A Prompt

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Writing a prompt doesn’t require a professional assistance or an artistic bend. Writing prompt is just selecting a topic for your convenience about which you write down your thoughts.

It has various forms:

  • It can be a particular word, a petite expression, a whole statement or even a picture, with an intent to provide you something to concentrate on.
  • It is advised to stick to the prompt or you might end up being nowhere. If you work properly and diligently, something that you came up with as rough, meaningless can end up being something more refined and comprehensive.


Here are a few reasons to write a prompt:

  •  At times it is tough to begin inscribing when we just have a blank sheet of paper in front of us. Converging your attention on a separate prompt for a while would enable you to refresh your creative side. Then if you go back to the piece you intended to write, it would be an easier scenario for you to complete.
  • The response that you provide for a particular prompt might in itself, prove to be a valuable material in their own respective ways. That particular prompt can act as a trigger for you to come up with more budding topics to work upon as well as fresh ideas for the ones you might be currently working on.
  •  It is always said: “Practice makes a man perfect”. Likewise, regular touch in writing a prompt ensures the habit of writing in an individual. Plus, it also works as a sort of exercise routine, so that it becomes easier and easier for you to write more and more.

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Examples of Writing Prompts

I have compiles a few writing prompts in this article so that you are able to use it as a trigger to your mind's eye. If you have them intriguing, use them and do not worry about the stream of thoughts that result afterward. The whole point is just to write and go with the flow. Refinement purposes can be fulfilled later on:

  1. He hadn’t perceived her ever since the day they left High School.
  2. The city charred away, the fire illuminating up the night sky.
  3. Silk
  4. She considered her appearance in the mirror before going out.
  5. The scent of freshly-cut grass.
  6. They came back every year to lay blossoms on the spot.
  7. Inflamed eyes.
  8. Stars glowed in the night sky.

 How to Make Your Own Writing Prompts

Give a thought

You can get ideas for writing prompts of your own from all sort of places: That could some conversation with your friend, headlines in newspapers, signs, and words from a book and so as forth. Keep an eye on anything that might inspire you and write it down so that you get to use it for writing a prompt.


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